Before reading this article, make sure that you have configured MemberMouse with your affiliate provider. Read this article to learn more about integrating with an affiliate provider.

After you've configured your affiliate provider on the Affiliate Integration tab, and click the Configure button, you will be presented with options for mapping your membership levels in MemberMouse to specific payout levels you have created with your affiliate provider. By mapping membership levels to your payout levels, MemberMouse will automatically create an affiliate account with the appropriate payout level when new members sign up for a particular membership level.

To map your membership levels to a payout level, simply select the payout level from the drop down on the right that corresponds to the membership level you want to associate with it. Mapping is optional. You can leave it set to None if you do not want an affiliate account automatically created for that membership level. When a membership level is mapped to a payout level, MemberMouse will automatically create affiliate accounts on the specified payout level when they sign up for the associated membership level.

Once you have mapped your membership level to payout levels as desired, simply click the  button to save your settings.

Send New Affiliate Account Welcome Email

The password used to create the affiliate account on iDevAffiliate will not be the same password associated with the member's account in MemberMouse so you'll want to either configure MemberMouse to send a welcome email with their affiliate username and password or configure your affiliate system to send out an email with credentials when new accounts are created.

To configure MemberMouse to send a welcome email when new affiliate accounts are created, follow the steps below.

  1. Check the box next to Send Welcome Email when Affiliate Accounts are Created.

  2. After checking this box an email form will be displayed. Click the Use Default Email Template button to pre-populate the Subject and Body fields with templates which include recommended SmartTags for things like affiliate account username and password.

  3. Modify the email subject if desired.

  4. Modify the email body of the email if desired.

  5. Click the Save Settings button to save your settings.