Click MM Groups and then click on the Manage Groups tab. Here you will be able to quickly see the details associated with each group that's been created. Consult the Groups Columns table below to learn more.

Groups Columns

Name This is the name of the group as defined by the group leader. The default value is Group.
Group Type This is the name of the group type associated with the group.
Group Leader This is the email address of the group leader. Clicking on the email address will take you to the group leader's member details screen in MemberMouse.
# of Members This column displays the current number of members in the group and the total number of spots allocated to the group.
 Edit - Click this to edit the group. See the Editing Groups section below for more information.

Editing Groups

  1. Click the  icon for the group you want to edit.

  2. In the dialog that pops up you can change the size of the group or manually add members to the group. Read this article to learn how to manually add members to the group.

  3. Click the  button to save your changes.