MemberMouse is designed to be a highly extensible and robust plugin, that functions as part content-protection system and part CRM. Because of this unparalleled flexibility to display dynamic content you are afforded the ability to be creative and customize your website and sales process in ways that other membership plugins and CRM platforms simply can't match.  But there is always the possibility that your site has specific needs or requirements that fall outside of the general functionality of MemberMouse 'out of the box'. It might be stylistic issues, 3rd party vendor integrations, or custom functionality added to your site.  


MemberMouse is made to work seamlessly with your existing WordPress themes; including optional Built in CSS on Core Pages to help better integrate MemberMouse pages and allow you more flexibility in your Checkout, Login, My Account, and Forgot Password page appearance.  If you would like to edit the included MemberMouse classes, we have a Guide to Styling the CSS of Core Pages and Widgets that can help. 


MemberMouse comes with several built in integrations for payment gateways, email handlers, and affiliate vendors, but you are far from limited to the included options. You can Integrate MemberMouse With Another Email Vendor, Manually Integrate with an Affiliate System, and Connect MemberMouse to Hundreds of Apps Using Zapier.  

As of version 2.2.6, MemberMouse also offers native integration with ActiveCampaign

Developer Tools

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you want to extend the features of MemberMouse, built in Developer Tools like the PHP Interface and MemberMouse API to allow you to extend functionality both outside and inside of your WordPress website.  You can view the API Documentation for included API calls as well as the information on available MemberMouse WordPress Hooks and MemberMouse WordPress Filters, and Using Push Notifications to call custom scripts


SmartTags are shortcodes that allow you to add all kinds of functionality to your WordPress pages without having to know anything about programming. SmartTags allow you to be creative and customize your website and sales process in ways that other membership plugins and CRM platforms simply can't match. For example, you may use a SmartTag to include member information, such as their first name using the [MM_Member_Data] SmartTag or to display content specific to a member’s Membership Level using the [MM_Member_Decision] SmartTag. In order to display teaser content to non-members on a protected page, you can use the [MM_Access_Decision] SmartTag instead of the Grant Access feature. 

There are 23 SmartTags in total and the best place to start when exploring the flexibility afforded you through SmartTags is our SmartTags Overview