Follow the steps below to create a purchase link for creating a group:

  1. Define at least one group type. Read this article to learn more about defining group types.

  2. First, you'll need to add a special SmartTag to your checkout page. You can find this SmartTag by clicking on MM Groups and then on the right side of the navigation bar click the Need help? link. In the dialog that pops up, copy the first SmartTag that looks something this:

  3. Paste this SmartTag into your checkout page anywhere between the [MM_Form type='checkout'] and [/MM_Form] tags.

  4. Next, you'll create a place on your site where group leaders can create a new group. To do this, click on the Define Group Types tab and then click the  button in the Purchase Link column of the group type you want to create a purchase link for.

  5. In the dialog the pops up, copy the purchase link and place this in the desired place on your site.