MemberMouse gives the ability to create a unique homepage for each membership level, allowing you to fine tune exactly what each user sees when they login to your membership site.

Once you have completed creating the new member home page, make sure to adjust Member Homepage Settings to finalize the direction needed to get the members directed to this unique page.

Steps to create a Member Home page:

  1. From the WordPress Dashboard, click Pages > Add New and add the content you want for that membership level.

  2. In the MemberMouse Options box at the top right of the editor, choose Member Home from the drop down selection. If Member Home is not available, this would indicate that this particular page has already been created and you will need to locate it in the Pages list.

  3. Choose the proper membership level by checking the associated box and click the Update button.

    MemberMouse Options Homepage

  4. Make sure to adjust the needed settings to send members to this page by visiting Member Homepage Settings at WordPress Dashboard > MemberMouse > General Settings > Other Settings.

Now your members will be directed to the appropriate page once they login.