UPDATE: our development team has been informed about the availability of a JVZoo API. If you are interested in this integration, you can help us to prioritize it by adding your vote and comments to the existing feature request.

We have been asked numerous times about doing an integration with JVZoo. As a result we did some preliminary research to look into what it would take to do an integration. What we found is that an integration is not possible at this time due to the lack of a JVZoo API.

In order to do a proper integration with a payment service provider we need to be able to communicate back and forth with the provider to keep the two systems in sync. JVZoo provides an IPN which allows for communication to come to MemberMouse, but they lack an API which would allow MemberMouse to communicate with JVZoo.

MemberMouse prides itself on really tight integrations that relieve our customers of as much manual interaction as possible so that their businesses are automated. Without a JVZoo API we don't have the tools we need to provide an integration that lives up to these standards.