Yes, you can use MemberMouse to sell content or access to content (for example, courses) individually as well as include them with a membership level. 

What you need to do is protect the page with the content by granting access to both a membership level and bundle. The bundle will be the option to purchase it separately. 

If you want this content to be downloadable, we recommend employing a plugin that specializes in file download protection. There are a number of file download protection plugins and WordPress Download Manager ( is one we've seen our customers use. By using a plugin like this, you'll be able to upload files and create download links. 

To protect embedded video content, you would need to utilize the tools supplied by the site that hosts your videos (Wistia, Vimeo, etc.)

Next you'll use MemberMouse to protect the pages where you place these links so that only members with a particular membership level or bundle can access them. 

To learn more about protecting content watch the video found here: Protect and Schedule Content