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Basic Troubleshooting

A number of issues can be traced to plugin or theme conflicts. You can easily determine if the issue you're experiencing is related to MemberMouse or a conflict coming from other software by enabling MemberMouse Safe Mode.

Release Notes

MM 2.2.5 Release Notes

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Change History

Date Version
Description Suggested Action
April 12, 2016 @ 10 AM
Initial release Manual upgrade of the plugin required
April 14, 2016 @ 3 PM
Resolved Issues: 225-1, 225-2, 225-3 Manual upgrade of the plugin required
April 26, 2016 @ 10 AM
Resolved Issues: 225-4, 225-5 Manual upgrade of the plugin required
December 30, 2016 @ 1AM 2.2.5-107 Mailchimp provider updated to use API version 3.0
None; unless you're explicitly experiencing issues
with MailChimp, then a Repair Install is required.
MM menu: General Settings > Manage Install >
Repair Install 

Known Issues 

NOTE: These issues have been resolved in the MM 2.2.6 release version. If you are experiencing these issues, it's recommend that you upgrade to this version.

225-6: Unable to save payment settings on versions of PHP lower than 5.4
This issue is being caused by the fact that the Braintree library requires PHP version 5.4 or above in order to load. If you're looking to use Braintree you'll need to upgrade to PHP 5.4. If you're not using Braintree, simply send an email to our support team requesting that Braintree be removed from your license. Once it's been removed you'll be able to save payment settings.

225-7: 'Copy Checkout Link' in Purchase Dialog popup only works for admins
The text link provided in the 'copy checkout link' box has '&user_id=#' appended to it and won't work if sent to customers. There are two workarounds in order to provide a link to customers. 1/ Delete the '&user_id=#' from the end of the link, or 2/ Use the 'Email Checkout Link to Customer' button.

Resolved Issues

If you're experiencing an issue that has been resolved then download the latest version of the MemberMouse plugin using the link at the top of this page and perform a manual upgrade.

225-1: Core page settings not working
In the MemberMouse Options module, when a selection is made from the Core Page Settings drop down, items are not being rendered under the drop down. 
NOTE: The fix for this involved modifying a file that may be cached in your browser. If you're still experiencing this issue after upgrading, clear your browser cache.


225-2: Reset password process not working
When a customer goes to reset their password, the page hangs and the process isn't completed. 

225-3: Sorting not working on Browse Transactions view
In certain environments, the sort functionality is not working on the Browse Transactions view. 

225-4: Checkout page hanging when form is submitted
In certain environments, the checkout page just hangs when the form is submitted.

225-5: "No data received" message displayed when attempting to edit access rights

On any page that's protected by a bundle or membership level, when attempting to edit the access rights by clicking the edit icon, a "No data received" message is displayed.