If you're moving to MemberMouse from another membership solution, you can import all of your customer data so that accounts are created and the appropriate access rights applied. 

Recommended process for migrating your users over to MemberMouse:

  1. Setup a membership level or bundle that will be used specifically to hold the legacy members. This way after you import them and start signing up new customers on a new membership level or bundle, you'll always be able to filter things by your legacy customers.

  2. Use the import wizard to load all of your legacy members into the system. The article Import Members with the Import Wizard walks you through all the necessary steps.

    At this point all of your legacy members will have the appropriate access rights and login credentials to access your membership site.

    Unfortunately billing data cannot be imported into MemberMouse. 

  3. To facilitate getting your legacy customers switched over from your current billing system to having MemberMouse be in charge of billing, you should set up a system of watching these accounts, whether manually or automatically via a custom script or push notification, and keep a lookout for natural billing events (i.e. upcoming rebills, card declines, etc). When these events arise you can reach out to the customer, provide them with a MemberMouse purchase link and suggest that they use that link to update their subscription. 

Once they start billing on MemberMouse, you'll need to manually cancel any active subscription they have in your current billing system.

A variation on this process with an expiring Legacy membership level:

  1. Before you import, create a new membership level, which is going to be a legacy version of your active levels. Call it 'Legacy' or whatever you like, and since it is just for the import, you will not even need a product. It should have the same content access, etc, as your existing level, but this Legacy membership level will be set to expire. The expiration period is the length of your billing cycle (i.e. 1 week, 1 month).

  2. Import your members using the Import Wizard.

  3. Create a push notification that triggers an email to be sent to the customer when the Legacy membership expires. In the email, you will let your customer know that the level expired and asking them to re-sign up by including a purchase link for their equivalent, non-expiring membership level in MemberMouse. You can even put in some special copy explaining your site migration.

Once they sign up via MemberMouse, the connection between MemberMouse and the payment gateway is established, so MemberMouse will take care of recurring billing, etc. Again, note that you'll need to manually cancel any active subscription they have in your current billing system at this point. 

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