Installation/Upgrade Information

View this article for step-by-step instructions on upgrading MemberMouse

View this article for a list of known issues with MM 2.2.7.

Summary of New Features, Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Integrated the Authorize.Net Accept.js token exchange into the CIM integration. With the Accept.js library integrated, payment data is sent directly to Authorize.Net and does not reach your servers.  Accept.js replaces Direct Post Method (DPM) with a modern implementation that doesn’t require a post-back. Learn more about Accept.js. (1455)
  • Updated the Facebook SSO Login to account for the removal of support for Graph API 2.2. Learn more about our Facebook SSO feature.(1486)
  • Improved the plugin deactivation process to allow for more failed attempts in contacting the licensing server before deactivation and to include sending an email alert to the site administrator prior to deactivation. Learn more about the MemberMouse license cancellation and deactivation protocol. (1477)
  • Addressed issues causing the creation of complimentary accounts. Accounts are no longer made to be complimentary if they are unlocked after being locked. Additionally, when an order is abandoned, and then the same user successfully completes a purchase, complimentary access in no longer given. (1482, 1443)
  • Addressed an issue occurring when using alternate products. Previously, if Product A has been set as an alternate product for a Product B with a trial, Product A was not able to be deleted. (1483)
  • Generic shortcodes and other non-SmartTags can now be processed when included in Push Notification emails. (1485)
  • Addressed issue where drip content access to a bundle differed based on whether the bundle had been purchased separately or assigned to a membership level. (1489)
  • The bundle management section on the access rights tab of the member details is now visible even when there are no active bundles. (1467)
  • Updated the error tag and form message SmartTags to be run through the localization process. (1441)
  • Modified the columns in the MemberMouse tables to contain fewer characters so that INNODB can index them accordingly with its max key size limit without causing a fatal error when trying to install MemberMouse. (1434)
  • Addressed an issue on the checkout form when two or more payment methods were offered. The isDefault parameter was being ignored and whichever payment method was first on the page was used as the default payment method. (1464)
  • Addressed an issue where links from the My Account page and certain form button SmartTags did not trigger the loading of Stripe.js and the token exchange framework. (1479, 1387)
  • Adjusted the custom fields so that a radio button can be marked as a required field. (1456)
  • Optimized the Reporting Suite CSS for mobile view. (1426)
  • Addressed issue where the processing overlay message that shows up after clicking submit on the checkout page doesn't appear in Safari browser. (1447)