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Basic Troubleshooting

A number of issues can be traced to plugin or theme conflicts. You can easily determine if the issue you're experiencing is related to MemberMouse or a conflict coming from other software by enabling MemberMouse Safe Mode.

Release Notes

MM 2.2.7 Release Notes

Change History 

DescriptionSuggested Action
May 11, 20172.2.7-100
Initial releaseManual upgrade of the plugin required
May 15, 20172.2.7-101
Resolved issues 227-1, 227-2, 227-3Manual upgrade of the plugin required
May 24, 2017 2.2.7-102
Resolved issues 227-4, 227-5None; unless you're explicitly experiencing
issues with PayPal, then a Repair Install is required.
MM menu: General Settings > Manage Install >
Repair Install 
July 22, 20172.2.7-103

October 20, 20172.2.7-104

October 27, 20172.2.7-105

March 7, 20182.2.7-106
Billing handler updated to check for and restart skipped rebills    None

Known Issues 

If you are experiencing any of the below issues, please contact our support team so they can recommend a next action as well as keep you updated on a resolution.

There are no current known issues.

Resolved Issues

If you're experiencing an issue that has been resolved then download the latest version of the MemberMouse plugin using the link at the top of this page and perform a manual upgrade.

227-1 - Error in the payment scheduler endpoint

This has the potential to effect rebill processing only. In these cases, the payment information reaches our scheduler but fails when sent to the payment processor.

227-2 - 'Days as Member' calculation displaying as '0'

In the Member Details interface, the 'days as member' number next to the LCV displays as zero regardless of how long the person has been a member. The protected content still shows up as expected for smarttag decisions and access rights, however. The displayed number is the only thing that is currently effected. 

227-3 - Facebook social login does not complete

When attempting to log in from Facebook, a 500 error is returned.

227-4 - With PayPal, products with a paid trial aren't registered correctly

Products with a paid trial show as free trials when redirected to PayPal. The subscription is registered correctly in PayPal but shows as 'pending activation' in MemberMouse. 

227-5 - With PayPal, products with a coupon discount aren't registered correctly

When a coupon is applied to discount the initial payment of a subscription, the discount is not passed on to PayPal.