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Is it possible to have the Login page responsive? All pages are looking nice on mobile except for the "Log In" page.

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Answer The default login template is something that we provide as a starting point but you have complete control over the look and feel of the login page. Only the MM SmartTags are required for the login form to be functional so the below code will generate a completely unstyled login form which you can style and layout however you want:

[MM_Form type='login']
[MM_Form_Message type='error']
[MM_Form_Message type='success']

Enter your username and password below
[MM_Form_Field name='username']
[MM_Form_Field name='password']
[MM_Form_Button type='login' label='Login']
[MM_Form_Field name='rememberMe' label='Remember me']

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Hello...  I disagree with the above answer and I must admit that I've spent more time troubleshooting the Login page than ANY other aspect of MemberMouse setup/config.

At the heart of the matter is sub-optimal coding...

   #1: within the Login page itself (i.e. using sub-optimal <table> HTML to "frame" the login form) and
   #2: within the "mm-login.css" file, which has at least two specific issues:
        2.1: setting the mm-login class to a fixed width of "width: 600px;"
        2.2:  additional "nudge" CSS (i.e. margin-left: 15px;) to force content to fit within the <table> framing.

To make matters worse, any custom CSS that's added by the admin is ignored since:

   #1: The Smart-Tags you mention above expand out into HTML that, in turn, calls "mm-login" specific classes
           -- (i.e. we can't edit any CSS references that's called within a shortcode), and
   #2: It appears that MM's plugin CSS is loaded AFTER child theme CSS
          -- (so using the "!important" tag in a Child Theme CSS won't overide MM's CSS..!)

Honestly, this oversight is a major eyesore to an otherwise EXCELLENT plugin/solution.

I have already corrected the login page on my website (see attached HTML file) to handle all resolutions correctly (including the uber-important iPhone's 375px Portrait view resolution)

However, I urge MM to revisit/update their HTML/CSS altogether to make a simple "starter" Login page that truly works "out of the box" at all resolutions.

Thank you very much @MeditationProNews! You saved me a HUGE amount time trying to figure this all out, very grateful!

I also had an issue on the forgot password page, so I simply replaced the style with the one that you suggested and it worked perfectly there too!

Thanks again,



Thanks a lot! You saved me big time!

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