MemberMouse and W3 Cache

I am a new user of MemberMouse, in my 14 day trial. I am interested in what this offers me but, like a lot of small businesses, only have so much time to dedicate to getting this up and running.

So, the following article about W3 caching is somewhat frustrating. I certainly understand why this is a problem and have no problem configuring this (or requesting help from my provider). But isn't it possible to lower the bar to make this easier for a newbie?

The first bullet refers to the "MemberMouse Core Page". I'm a newbie - I don't know what they are yet :) While I am sure I can investigate, having to do so - alongside all the other stuff I need to do - is just another thing I might put off. Are these pages predictable and known? If so, can they not be listed to make this easier?

FWIW, I read this article last night and haven't got around to learning what the core pages are. If they were listed I would have sent that request off by now.

Two cents.

PS: I understand that the rest of the pages are site-specific.

Hi Mark,

You can find an overview about core pages including a list of core pages here:
Thank you, Eric - appreciated. For others who face this in the future, it would be cool to link to this from the original article, just to speed things along. Thanks again.
Good idea. I've made it a link in the article.
Answer I don't know whether this helps (and I'm almost certainly not telling you anything you don't already know) but: I use several plug-ins that need to avoid being cached by W3. I've seen discussions about 'fragment caching' in WordPress. As I understand it, it's the official way to tell a caching plug-in not to cache certain parts of WordPress's output. I believe it ensures the plug-in is still called to produce its output even if other parts of the page are cached. (That's all I've got!)
Thanks for the heads up James, I'll share this with our product team in case they're not already aware of it.

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