Offering two products on checkout page

I have two products that I would like the checkout page to show as choices..Either two separate checkout pages or one checkout page with the second choice also on the right side.

Also, is there a way to get two core checkout pages rather than just the one?
Answer Hi Chad,

This article shows you how you can allow customers to switch between two or more products on the checkout page:

You cannot have more than one core checkout page, but the SmartTags that are used to create the checkout form functionality can be used on any WordPress page. So while you can only have one core checkout page you can have as many checkout forms that you want throughout your site.

Just follow the steps in the Checkout Form Template section of this article:

Most customers avoid doing this as it can cause confusion for customers.
I would like to be able to offer the second product as an add-on right on the checkout page. Just a shot paragraph with the heading One Time Offer and a checkbox.

This is something I'm accoustomed to doing in ClickFunnels and is quite effective.

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