Please intergrate with jv zoo!!

This is causing me so many problems and I might have to move to another service which I don't want to do
Hi Sally,

We currently have no plans to integrate with JV Zoo. Here's more information:

If JV Zoo is mission critical to you then it might be best for you to look for another membership solution.
Hi Eric

JV Zoo tell me that they have updated it to an API and it should now to be possible....

Yes, API is correct. The API was needed so that JVZoo and Membermouse can communicate. JVZoo added the API so membermouse can now provide an integration for you, or let us know what else they need.

Is it possible for you and jv zoo to speak about this? Its not that simply to just move to another solution!!!
Answer Hi Sally,

I'll make a note of that but our project roadmap is planned out through the end of the year so it wouldn't be something we'd be able to look at in the short-term. I suggest that you look for another solution if JV Zoo is mission critical to you.

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