I am having a a plugin developed that will provide connectivity between LearnDash and MemberMouse. Essentially it will connect LearnDash Courses to MemberMouse Membership levels and Bundles and instantly enroll the student at time of purchase into the course. If this is of interest to anyone else let me know.
Hi Jesse,

Great! Let us know when you're done developing the plugin so we can consider adding it to this article:
Definitely interested in this kind of integration. I'm doing it manually with a bit of hacking at the moment.

Were you able to successfully integrate?

I'd be interested in this as well.


Yes we have successfully created a plugin that automatically enrolls new members into courses that they have purchased via MM.

Is there anywhere onlineI can find out more info about this plugin?
FYI I have my first course sitting in Learndash just now almost ready to go, and am thinking about using Membermouse.  I'm also looking for someone that may be willing to help (paid) set up the last hurdle - linking it, https on the membermouse subdomain.  If that is of interest please contact me via info at fullychargedmedia dot com.

Hi Guys, is there any update on this integration with Learndash and Membermouse?  I've got the course in learndash but cannot see a way to restrict access to the content.



Would love to hear about the plugin. I'm hacking the course template and using javascript to strip out unauthorized links.

This is exactly what we are looking for - please let us know where it is up to!

I too would like this plugin.

Marked as answered? I'd love to hear more about Jesse J's plugin, and how to get a copy.

Jesse, please let us know where we can get the plugin! I just transferred over to Membermouse and am setting up Learndash. I would love to have an easy integration.

Any update on this? Thanks!

We're about to completely reorganize our website and launch the Learndash school. If you're thinking about sharing this plugin--now is the time!

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