Anybody have experience using Affiliatewp with membermouse? Just curious how it stacks up against idevaffiliate, the integrated affiliate provider for mm. Affiliatewp just looks easier to use, offers tons of super add-ons, and seems to have stats and details all built right into the wp dashboard. idevaffiliate, just from their website, seems to not be nearly as intuitive to setup and access.
We've been using it for months with no trouble. Integrates well. You should get in touch with Pippin if you have any Qs; he's familiar with MM and can tell you more about how things work.
go with idev. non affiliate opinion here (not being paid). i tried 6 weeks of solution with mm and affiliate wp. Do not go there - the reason so many add-ons is because it doesnt do stuff itself. the add-ons conflict one another and MM and it is very disappointing. Bought idevaffiliate since, and much more robust. excellent video instructions. powerful. all good. go there. imho.
MM offers a full integration with iDevAffiliate. AffiliateWP offers their own integration with MM. See:


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