come back on last page after login / create an account

After a login or sign up, I need to redirect the user to the page where was the form. (I will use shortcode to hide it and show content at the place)

thanks a lot.

MM can offers some redirect options, depending on the context. After sign up or checkout, members are directed to a confirmation page. You can set custom confirmation pages, but there isn't a way to redirect to something other than a confirmation page in this situation. See:

When members login, you can direct them to a member home page, and you can change the settings related to this:

When a logged out member attempts to access protected content and receives an error, they will be automatically redirected to the content they originally attempted to access after they login. There isn't a way to change this feature.

I have a similar question about redirects.  On my site, MM automatically creates an account AND logs the new user in.  

Is there any way to welcome the new user (i.e. confirmation page) and have them manually login thereafter?

My concern is that someone can enter in a fake email address and instantly see the member site....even w/o deliberately signing in.


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