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I am in the process of moving a clients Membership from Membership Pro 2 to Member Mouse. I have read over the tutorial and instructions for importing new users and how to do the csv template. What I need given the number of users though is a way to do this in bulk

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Answer Using the import wizard you are importing members in bulk. Here's an article on using the import wizard:

We get errors every time we try to import more than 10 people at a time (e.g. not everyone gets their welcome email). It's a manual nightmare. Any fixes for this?

Hi Elena, 

When something like this occurs, it is usually due to an environmental factor. To determine quickly if this is due to a MM mishap or interference from another aspect of your environment, we have a built in feature called Safe Mode. If you are able to still replicate this behavior while Using Safe Mode, please record a video of this situation in safe mode, and send it to our support team at so we can help you look into this situation deeper. For videos, I personally like the free program Jing. You can find it here:

I hope this is helpful! :) 

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