What would be the best way to set up offline payment members?

I have an educational site. I have received a purchase order from a school district. They will subscribe several of their teachers, however they will be paying for the whole year via check. This is something I plan to do often ( hopefully). What would be the best way to " comp" these new members, since payment is being done offline - grouping them by each school district purchase order, and how do I make it to expire one year from now? Any suggestions?
did you ever resolve this issue? i like to use it that way but just offline payment like pay by check.

There is not functionality specifically built into MemberMouse to allow for accepting offline payments. But there are clients who have had the need for this, so it can be accomplished

Clients who have wanted to accept online payments usually follow these steps:

Set up a specific product and bundle for Offline payments. This product will no cost associated with it, and when the member 'purchases' this bundle, the member is added to a free membership level.

  1. A custom confirmation page is set up for this purchase that included instructions on how to submit offline payments
  2. A push notification is set up to send the site admin an email that the specific bundle has been purchased. This way, site admins are aware to be on the lookout for payments
  3. Once payment has been received, the site admin will go to the Member Details are for that user, and manually move them from the free membership level to the paid membership level. They give the member a comp membership

Please note, that by doing this method, it will be considered a complimentary membership without any revenue tied to it. This could affect some reports created that calculate total site revenue and lifetime customer cost, etc.
Comping a member means the financial reports do not recognize the sale.  We receive some paper check payments, it's a real nuisance to need to comp these people and not have the analytics behind the sales or the need to track these sales on a spreadsheet outside of Membermouse.  Don't see how this is not a bigger issue.


Having a solution for payment by check which is included in financial reports is critical for membership site owners dealing with institutions.  Furthermore, an automated solution (or at least an option) which allows immediate access to protected content for check payers would also be ideal.  Please consider adding this valuable feature.

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