Limit of one free-trial period per user (email address) there a way to do this?

We'd like to avoid the possibility of members churning through free trials. MM doesn't currently have ay settings for this. Are there any practical work-arounds or combo or reports to manage this?
Answer This seems like one of those common sense features that most membership plugins decide to neglect for some reason. One method we used in the past with a different plugin, is to write custom php code that adds a value in the user_meta when the user checks out for a level with a trial. Then at checkout, the system checks to see if the meta value exists. If it doesn't, then they pass through the free trial. If the meta value exists, then they don't get a trial.
Not sure how that would be done with MM though.

This was asked 2 years ago, however I'll still answer... this is possible in MemberMouse now, there's a setting in the Product when set to "trial" that states "Only allow 1 trial per member". And then you can select the backup (non trial) product to use instead. That way if a member attempts to sign up for a trial the second time through, MM will redirect to the full price checkout page.

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