Expiring Drip Content

Would love to see a feature allowing for drip content, or posts for that matter, to expire out.

We'd like to use this for dripping welcome messages and encouraging members to consume content because of scarcity that it'll go away at a predetermined date.
This feature is what I have been trying to locate. I need a way to do this also. If anyone can think of a work-around, please let me know as I am basically stuck from doing what I really want to do right now.
Answer Hi Sherman, if you're programmatically inclined, this article may provide some insight as to how to do this:
This is a great idea. I've seen this used on a membership site that I am subscribed to. It works a treat for encouraging engagement.

Also, It makes a nice way to GIVE content to your loyal members, but if they don't engage and consume it...they can BUY it later.
Works brilliantly.

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