2 Step Order Forms

Hi, I'm trying to setup a 2 step order form.

This would look like this

Page 1. Name, Email, (possibly username, pw, etc)

Page 2. Billing Details

1. Have a free bundle that people register for with their name/password/email.

2. That bundle automatically associates them with a free membership.

3. Use a product-specific confirmation page to show the payment information for the Gold Membership product.

The problem is that there can only be 1 Product Specific Confirmation page associated with a Free Membership level.

i.e. If I have 10 products, I can create 10 Free Membership Levels... But because there can only be 1 Confirmation Page for Free Membership Level... they all redirect to the one page (where the billing info is... when we really need 10 different pages here)

I could put all the bundle levels on that page, but then people would have to know which option to click (out of 10 or 50 possible links).

Any ideas / solutions would be very welcome.


Answer In order to accomplish this you could use custom PHP code on the free confirmation page to switch between content based on the membership level associated with the member.

Our PHP interface will help with this:

Here's an example:

if(mm_member_decision(array("membershipId"=>"2"))) {
// show content for members with membership level ID 2

if(mm_member_decision(array("membershipId"=>"3"))) {
// show content for members with membership level ID 3

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