Membersmouse Infusionsoft Integration


We have a Membermouse > Fuzedapp > Infusionsoft setup.

The challenge I'm running into is this.

I have a fuze setup:

(MM Event) "Member Added" > Triggers Product 1 (Tag in I.S.)

It works, however, it only allows for 1 product. Because it the event is 'Member Added' (instead of a particular product).

The problem is MM doesn't have the option to send Push Notifications for Products.

However, you can send for Bundles. But bundles can only be associated with 'Free Membership Levels'

Ok, before going too deep into this... The question is...

Has anyone successfully linked MM to IS (using Fuzed or other method).

And done it for multiple products.

Would be great to find out how.

(especially with screenshots or a screengrab)

If I figure it out, I'll post too.


It seems there's a little bit of confusion around bundles. Bundles are a lot more powerful then being limited to being associated with free membership levels. You can associate products with bundles. In this way you could have a push notification setup for individual product by associating them with a bundle.

I suggest watching the 'How to Master Products, Bundles & Membership Levels' video on this page to learn more about bundles:
Thanks for your reply Eric.

My challenge (if I'm correct) is that the content (let's say 100 pages) has already been "Granted Access by Membership Level".

This Membership level had a Product associated with it... which already has a lot of paying members.

So, I understand that I would have to go through and change to "Grant Access by Bundle"??

(i.e. The pages can only be granted access through 'Membership Level' or 'Bundle' but not by both... correct?)

If so, is there a way to change it over and transfer all the members into the new bundle, without interrupting their billing, or asking them to re enter their billing details, etc?

Answer Chris,

Pages can be granted access to by as many bundles and/or membership levels that you want. So once you create your bundle you can simply grant access to the existing pages and now people can access those pages either by having the membership or the bundle.
I would caution against Fuzed app.
It works sometimes, but not others.
If you are like me and need it to handle tags so you can keep track of customers, you will be disappointed. About 1/3 of the time it does not connect based on the logs inside Fuzed.

 I am glad to read this article.

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