SiteGround and W3TC cache settings

Is there anyone hosting membermouse with SiteGround? How do you setup caching?

Siteground seems to provide their own caching plugin and if you follow their guide to set it up will it cause problems to MemberMouse?

Or do you just ignore the Siteground caching and use W3TC and follow the officing MM setting guide?

Please share your experience, I just moved from wpengine and really afraid to face all these caching caused problems.

Thanks for the input!
Answer Hi Colin,

If you follow the instructions in this article then you should be good to go:
Hi Colin - we moved from Wpengine awhile ago and are using Siteground now - we're experiencing intermittent weird caching issues that we're still trying to solve with MM support now. We currently don't run any caching plugin, and apparently aren't using the server-side caching at Siteground - still a mystery.

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