Multisite functionality

I love MM and want to use it across a couple of sites on a Multisite structure. The main site sells various products and memberships, and the subdirectory is an online newsletter where people purchase monthly or yearly subscriptions. Users frequently use both sites, and it would be best for them to be able to login once and have access to all material and subscriptions they purchase, regardless of where the content sits. I?m trying to save customers frustration or unnecessary steps.

Is there a way to have MM work across both sites with the same membership database?

Does anyone have any suggestions whatsoever for what I can do to get MM to talk to both directories? Or recommend plugins to help make the job easier? Or even know of someone who would have the coding capability to get it working correctly?

Since MM offers no support for Multisite, I'm left in the wilderness here, and I really need help/direction for how to accomplish this.

Thanks so much.

We're also trying to figure out the same thing. We want to be able to show a specific set of Members in a separate child site based on the choice they had made in a custom select field.
Did you get anywhere with this, Katharine?
Does multisite not work at all with MM? When I install membermouse on a multi networked site it always breaks the linking structure. I had to install WP in separate directories manually. Was really hoping to streamline things with a networked install. :(
Answer Multisite is not officially support by MemberMouse. You can use the plugin on the top-level domain of a multisite install but some custom work may be required to get it to work on subsites and this is not something our customer support team can assist with at this time.
I would like to use membermouse on my multisite install but have each individual site pay for membership. The problem is that I need to network activate but it's throwing a fatal error. I cannot add it to the site that I wanted to run it on without network activating it. The site I want to use it on uses a unique url -
Good question!! Did you have any luck/ success with this?

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