Reporting on User's Custom Fields Responses

Is there a way to create a single report showing ALL users responses to custom fields? For example, if one of the custom fields we created was a user's birthday, could we then pull a report showing all users's birthdays?
Answer Hi Dominic,

This isn't currently possible as an official feature of the MM plugin. However, if you have development capabilities you could query the database directly to get this information.

WARNING: What I'm about to share is in an unofficial capacity. This is not a core feature of our software which means the information I'm providing could change in the future without warning and we cannot support you in your efforts to implement this.

The table that stores all this information is the mm_custom_field_data table. To get the data associated with a specific field you would use the following query:

SELECT * FROM `mm_custom_field_data` WHERE custom_field_id = '2';

This will return all results for data associated with custom field with ID 2.

The important fields in the result set are:

user_id: this is the ID of the member in MemberMouse
value: this is the value stored in the custom field

To lookup information about the member you can use the getMember call in our API:
Dominic, that would be a great feature to have. I would use it for surveys, tracking customer satisfaction, frequently asked questions, updates in their lives, and other things to really get to know thy customer.

Please let me know if this will be a feature or if there are ways to get this information in a spreadsheet

Thanks a bunch


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