Timed discount

Case Use: I have a member who's thinking of canceling. On his My Account page, he clicks "Cancel". That takes him to a Save The Sale page I set up. I persuade him to stay by offering him a 50% discount for the next two months. Currently, I have to handle this manually. But it'd be awesome if there was a way MM could provide this "timed discount" functionality where the member's account is discounted 50% for the time period I specify, and then the member's account goes back to the normal subscription rate.
Answer Dave, you can accomplish at least part of this right now. You just need to create a new product and set the pricing to incorporate the discount and then associate with product with your existing membership level.

For example, say you have your retail product which charges $30/month. Your discount product with have a 1 month trial at a 20% discount or $24 and then the subscription will be $30/month following that. The piece that's missing is being able to offer the discount for 2 months prior to billing $30/month, but this will at least get you part of the way there.

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