Account Sharing Protection and Firewalls

My membership site will be primarily business-to-business. I am wondering, if there was account sharing going on within a single department at some corporation, might the corporation's router or firewall prevent Account Sharing Protection from working? I mean, is it possible that individual device IP addresses could be hidden from MemberMouse by a firewall ? or that a single router IP address might be displayed instead of individual device IP addresses?
I wish there was a feature that would logout a user if someone else logged in with their credentials.
Answer There is a WordPress plugin called WP Bouncer that does that. It hasn't been updated in a while but apparently works fine with a number of membership plugins.

For many use cases, more useful functionality would block someone from logging in if there are N other logins currently live using the same credentials. The number N could be user specified. I would probably set it to 3, since someone might login at home, and then on a cell while commuting, and then on their work computer, etc.
Hi Gleyn, I'm not sure if this will answer your question but maybe it'll help you understand how data travels between networks.

Most routers are also "NAT Servers" which provide Network Address Translation. Basically, every computer in a subnetwork (such as a home or office), has a different PRIVATE IP address. Your router has a both and PRIVATE IP and a PUBLIC IP address.

So, if you have two computers with private IP's, for example: and, and a router with a PRIVATE IP of say, your router will also have a PUBLIC IP of say

Every data packet sent to and from your network to another network on the Internet will appear to come from your routers PUBLIC IP address.

So, to answer your question, yes. Multiple computers will appear to have the same public IP when coming from the same subnet. However, one exception could be that the business is running multiple subnets, which is very common. For example: to separate computers in the accounting department from those in the sales department.
WP Bouncer will logout a 2nd attempt on the UserID.

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