Anyone integrate Membermouse and Buddypress or any other plug to create a community?

I'd like to add a community to my Membermouse-integrated site. I want member profiles and such. I've read about Buddypress and a few other plugs. Just wondering if anyone here has done this and with which plugs? If so, I'd like to know how you went about this. Thanks! Dave

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 Checking in with this. Wanting to use BB for premium members only signed up through MM. I read above it slows down site and would create cache issues. which i've experienced already with other plugins. 

Main question is if I use BB as a closed forum is it easy to integrate with MM, and user info for MM is automatically used for BB? Also, does it cause speed issues? T

Thanks for any info 

I'm also looking at integrating the two.  Did you have any luck Kiconwell? 

@yourvetonlinetech Been using BBpress for now. Seems to be working fine. The MM login automatically gives access to the forum. I am also locking the forum pages to certain member access. So far so good. 

@kiconwell you're doing EXACTLY what I plan to do. MM for the site but a closed forum for one member type only. Good to know this is even feasible! Any top tips on HOW that you can share? Things to avoid etc would be really helpful. Please! 

@adrian It was pretty easy to set up, and I'd recommend the combo if you don't mind the forum looking pretty basic. I imagine you could put some time into designing it a bit better, as straight out of the box BB looks pretty outdated. 

One thing to mention but might not be relevant; I jumped the gun on the forum as there wasn't enough interaction in it due to a low number of members. Would only implement a forum again when my numbers are much bigger (high hundreds at least). 

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