Best Practices for Infusionsoft Integration

Hi, I have a Membermouse > Fuzedapp > Infusionsoft setup and am keen to get a discussion on best practices, strategies, etc.

Especially around

1. What info (triggers) you parse (i.e. what do you think is necessary), do you go for bare minimum, or everything. Does it slow your system, etc?

2. What sort of campaigns have you got in Infusionsoft when it comes to Membermouse. i.e. Tags to stop and start sequences (i.e. cancel a followup sequence if they cancel, etc)

3. Any other ideas or things you'd like to discuss or know.

I am trying to set this up as well, although my issue is there doesn't seem to be all the triggers you need (not like with the normal email integration set up).

So for example at the moment I have certain email sequences set up for different courses (bundles) via Mailchimp. If someones payment fails or they cancel a bundle, these automatically stop. This can't be done with Fuzed (there is no options to specify bundle to bundle pausing or cancellation).
i wish to do the same thing... not sure if many others are thinking this.
I am currently using PARSEY, to link Membermouse and Infusionsoft, although at a basic level - not sure if there are deeper ways, but the basic account is free, so worth a try to save money
This discussion has been open for a few years, but with few answers. This article supplies the basics for integrating with another email vendor:

Feel free to comment here if you can offer best practices in line with the original question.


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