Change password page link instead of sending new password

In the interest of member security, I would rather be able to send a user who has forgotten his password an email with a link to a change password page instead of sending them an email that includes the password. The default solution available represents old technology and lack of care for the customer's security. Has anyone done this already?
Absolutely agree. Sending a link to create password is preferable to emailing password in plain text via email. Any advice?
This is a very weak thing for MM - must be fixed ASAP.
Does anybody know of a workaround?
Answer I understand your concern with regards to displaying passwords in emails. Thankfully, this is optional. If you don't want to show passwords in an email you can simply remove the SmartTag that's outputting the password in the email template. This article talks about how to add the password to the welcome email but you can do the reverse to remove it:
@Eric, the issue with just removing the SmartTag from the Forget Password e-mail is that the system generates a random password when you enter a valid e-mail address and hit submit. (Funny thing, I just tested entering the e-mail address for a Wordpress Admin, not a MM user, and it changed the password on the account right there, and I was logged out of the account.)
In my case I need the users password in order to setup an account for them on an offsite system. I actually need to see the Initial password as the admin. They can always change it later.

How do I get the members password when I receive the New User Signup email? Right now it just shows asterisks.....
Timothy, you can include the password in the welcome email. Currently there's a known issue where the password isn't put in the welcome email if the password is automatically generated for the member when their account is created. A ticket has been created for this and will be resolved in a future release. In the meantime, I suggest allowing your member's to create their own passwords using the [MM_Member_Data name='password'] SmartTag on the checkout form. When they create their own password it will be included in the welcome email.

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