Proration and gifting functionality problems

Has anyone experienced problems with members buying gift subscriptions?

Specifically, proration is applied when it shouldn't be. For example, if a member is currently on an annual plan costing $120 and purchases a gift membership six months in, the charge to their card is (full price) $120 - $60 (their proration)?
Yes, we've had this same issue. A member who had purchased a gift was renewing a subscription and was given a discount via the proration functionality. I am also not sure how this functionality is supposed to work. How does it know if a subscription is an upgrade without the admin setting some sort of membership hierarchy? Is it based on price? Either way it doesn't seem to be working at all for me or, perhaps, it isn't displaying as a discount at checkout. Curious if anybody has had success with this feature.
Yes, this is a problem that needs to be fixed.
There was a known issue in which a prorated price was displayed on the checkout page when a gift was purchased. Usually, this occurs because the person visits the page as a member and then selects the checkbox beside "Is this a gift?" However, when the transaction is completed, the correct price is charged, based on the additional information that the purchase is a gift.


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