Is there a way to set a sale price that expires on a certain date?

I'd love to be able to set a sale price for the launch week (or other sale weeks) and have it automatically switch to the normal price when the date I specify passes. I can't see currently how I can do that without manually updating the price on that date.
Answer HI Becca

While you are correct that you could change the price on product after your sale is over, the other thing that you could do is use a coupon code for the price of the discount. Then, so that a customer would not have to copy/paste the coupon code to the checkout page, you could actually pass the coupon code directly to the checkout page via a link. And when the sale is done, you can have the coupon expire, and change the link back to the normal checkout link

This article describes how that it done.

The URL looks something like this

Hope that helps

I've been wondering how to set a trial (beta) period for 1 year that expires October 2015 instead of by number of months - this looks like it could be the right thing! Thanks Eric
Thanks for your response, Eric! This should work fine.
One more related question - regarding Time Zone, would it use the setting in the particular WP install it's running in? I need my coupon to expire at midnight PST. Seems like that would be the way you'd do it, but I wanted to make sure.

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