Integrating with easy digital downloads

Hi All,

I wonder if any of you have tried to integrate MM with easy digital downloads.

I want to offer both downloadable products for sale for non members as well as downloadable products for sale at a discount for members. (a perk for joining)

I have easy digital downloads installed....and I really like it for selling digital downloads. But, I need both MM and EDD for my site...

wanted to see how i could integrate the membermouse's payment gateway with EDD.... maybe a way to bridge the two plugins together.

thank you all in advance!
Did you get anywhere with this, Delilah?
I agree. Please advise as to a work around.
I am interested if MM supports selling Digital Downloads, like cart66 does. I need to support group memberships (as in MM), but I also need Digital Downloads (like cart66 offers). Is there ONE solution?

Has there been any information or progress on Easy Digital Downloads integration?

I am new to membermouse however I also wanted to sell downloads to members (free or paid members).

A solution I thought of was to create a post or page with a downloadable product and then simply protect that post or page with a Bundle and perhaps let the Bundle expire after X number of days so that the customer has X days to download the product.

So basically, you have one bundle and one page or post per downloadable product.

And if you can do this with the MM_Member_Decision SmartTag on the post or page then you can display the product information above the MM_Member_Decision SmartTag for the Bundle of the download which is only viewable when the Bundle has been purchased.

Would that not work?
Answer Bharat,

Yes, this should work.

You could protect a page with an expiring bundle and then have an index page somewhere that displays the download link if the member has access to the bundle. I suggest using the MM_Access_Decision SmartTag over the MM_Member_Decision SmartTag because this will allow you to detect if the member currently has access to the download the content.

Say the bundle ID is 5, then you would do this:

[MM_Member_Decision hasBundle='5']
Download your content here

Since the bundle is expiring this link will only be displayed for the length of time they have access.
Thank you for the prompt reply Eric.

There are a couple of security issues that came to mind and they are:

1) How well is the code of HTML areas protected when using membermouse? The question is related to URL sniffers, search engines and such spidering software. If the code/location of the download is accessible outside of the membermouse protection then that would not be much good.

2) The prevention of hotlinking is a requirement as if the URL to the download is know and shared then it could again be downloaded outside membermouse. I understand this is not quite related to membermouse but to create a purchasable download system using membermouse, it is a valid concern.

Everyone's input would be appreciated.
Pages that are protected by MemberMouse will not be able to be indexed by anyone who is not a member with the appropriate access. As for your second question, that's a question for easy digital downloads as they're the plugin responsible for protecting the actual file.
Thank you again Eric.

It then seems that the only requirement is to have protected links whose URLs expire after download and or a specific time to prevent further downloads, and then a bulky plugin such as easy digital downloads may not be required as membermouse can manage the payment for the bundles.
I had a thought. In my case I want purchased "zip" files always available to my "member/customer." So, once the product or bundle is purchased just have MM send out and email receipt/thank you with the active link to the zip file in the email. Caution the member/customer to SAVE the email so if they need to download again they would be able to. Of course we would run the url to the zip file through SSL. Am I on the right track?

The danger that I face is it becomes easy to share with non-members/customers, but even with all the safe guards in place, that still can be done anyway if the member/customer is determined.


That would certainly work, Steve. The link could be included in a push notification that is triggered when the associated bundle is added. See:

Keep in mind that MM only protects WordPress pages and posts, so you would want to use an additional plugin to protect files. Here is one way to do that:

The Easy Digital Downloads plugin mentioned in this discussion may also provide that functionality.


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