First time setup. Looking for a quality merchant and affiliate platform

I see all the different options for payment integration and it just confuses me. So I was hopping someone could shed some light on the best merchant account to use with MemberMouse.

I plan on using recurring payment processing as well. And I would also like to setup a tier 2 affiliate program. Offering affiliates 50% recurring commissions and at the same time, offering members up to 100% recurring commissions for the default membership level.

I was also considering using Clickbank and/or JVzoo in the future to expand my reach.

Thanks in advance for any advice in the matter!


PS. I'm planning to setup my SSL today using my hosting provider. Any reason I should use third-party provider? Thanks guys!
Answer I recommend Stripe for receiving payments and Paypal for paying affiliates. For recurring commissions, iDevAffiliate is the only option now but AffiliateWP may offer it by the end of this month.

As far as SSLs go, it's usually cheaper to buy a 3rd party SSL vs one provided by your host.
I have been using Stripe and love it! And as Arp say's, a 3rd party cert is usually cheaper and installing is not that hard, but can be tricky. Most hosts have instructions that are relatively easy to follow. But if you go through your host, they will usually set it up for you.

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