Does anybody have some experience with WordFence and MemberMouse?
I have a client who uses it with MM - however iThemes Security Pro is far superior (even the Free version beats the pants off of Wordfence).

I personally use iThemes Security Pro for my MM sites and for my clients.
Run away from Wordfence. I used to use it but it is heavyweight and will bog down your performance. google around and you will see that when tested against several security breach tests it failed. They also release a bunch updates because they find security holes in their own plugins. No longer a fan. Good luck if you use it.
I disagree. WordFence was able to find a hacked file that iThemes overlooked. If there is a bug, it's fixed very quickly. Take a look at how many have downloaded WF. They are always on top of any vulnerabilities. I've paid for the license which opens up a lot of great features. As far as Google is concerned, we have no problem ranking #1 out of a billion other sites. No slow downs at all. It's a tightly written plugin. I highly recommend it.
Many MM customers also use WordFence, as well as other security plugins. As long as these are properly configured they can function smoothly alongside MemberMouse.


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