Integration across sub-domains & dev site

Hi all.

Is there a way to configure MemberMouse to work across multiple subdomains? (eg,,,

Primarily this is because my development site is located on a subdomain, and I know the videos say about changing the registered URL later once you launch, but this precludes ongoing development, and I obviously can't switch the URL back to test changes and lock out production users. It also seems ridiculous to purchase another $20/m subscription to service a dev site.

So any thoughts on how to get multiple subdomains working, and/or advice on how others handle ongoing dev sites would be great! Thanks in advance.
Answer Hi Michael

The other option you have is to create a local version of your site. If you set your dev site up on as a local host, there is not cost to you.

You just need to let us know what the local host URL is, and we can get you all set up

Terrific, thanks Eric! We've sent the request to support now.
Does this method allow for shared login token across WP installations?
Eric's suggestion is the best way to go.
We use MM on our main site for content but we'd also like to use it to secure another Wordpress install that we have which has another WP theme that we must use. The other install will be at and will allow members that have access to the main site and be able to use the members area with the other WP install. Is there any way to do this easily?


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