Need some ideas for handling expiring memberships and renewals

I operate a club that charges an annual membership fee. There is no appetite to establish automatic, recurring payments. Members have to affirmatively elect to renew each year. I have established the product (an annual membership) to expire after 12 months. Unfortunately, the functionality is such that the member does not see a warning of expiration, via a push notification, until her membership expires. If the member then follows the instructions to return to the site to renew, she is unable to log in because the membership has expired.

What I would like to see happen is that the member would receive a push notification 30 days prior to renewal to allow sufficient time to log in and process the transaction. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can accomplish that?

Thanks - Sam

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Answer Set up an integration with MailChimp, then create an autoresponder for the Mailchimp list that is mapped to the membership level you're describing. Set the date of the autoresponder email to be 11 months after they join the list.

If you integrate MC with MM, because MM automatically handles moving the members between lists depending on their membership status, IMO, its preferable to utilize MailChimp's automation and campaign features to correspond with your members.

I believe this answers your question... Not sure though.
perhaps a drip content can be used to show warning link to the page that provides option to renew?
Yes, but how can an expired member update their billing or purchase a membership level if they cannot login to their account? If their status is expired, then they cannot login to buy the associated membership level. If they try to go and just purchase the membership level without logging in then they get an error stating that an account with that username/email already exists. How can we make it so they can login and then purchase the membership level of their choice and after completing the purchase regain access to the restricted areas?
I've studies this situation thoroughly, posted comments on the user community, and opened a ticket with support to discuss it in detail. don't know how to solve this and question whether there is any possible workaround. I've confirmed the API does not expose the membership start or end date, so there is no way to even create custom code to handle it. Hard to believe this otherwise rich and robust membership plugin has no functionality whatsoever for this most-requested and critical capability. At this stage, I have concluded that this is the wrong membership plugin to use if you use annual renewing memberships, unless your annual renewals fees are so low & your customer relationships are so solid that it is unlikely to damage your relationship with your customers 12 months later when the renewal hits their credit card without warning or notice. I have set my expectation that Membermouse has no intention, interest or plan to create this capability. I don't know why that is, but I am operating now from that expectation and planning accordingly.

I have not tried but maybe using you could solve the issue? See here for integration:
I am evaluating MM and reading this I will reconsider before buying. Automating subscriptions and renewals are our main objectives. Learning there is no built-in solution in this product is very deceiving.

We had someone set up cron jobs in the backend of our website which works. But I have had to become skilled at editing the cron jobs to make sure they work etc... Not that user friendly.

GETS Recuring Reminders for MM wil solve this problem

I second the commenter above: I am evaluating MM and reading this I will reconsider before buying. Automating subscriptions and renewals are our main objectives. Learning there is no built-in solution in this product is very deceiving.


There's actually a few different workarounds for this.  
1.  Create a custom hook that calls a script to downgrade users to a "free" membership level (with limited access) when cancelled/expired.  
2.  Set an email notification that gets sent to the user with a checkout link to renew their annual membership when their "free" membership level is activated.  

Or using Mailchimp's automation utility, schedule an 11 month reminder after a user is added to a list.  Also, you'd want to still implement a membership level downgrade script upon cancellation so the user can can login and update their billing/checkout.  

I build alot of membermouse sites and generally the first thing I do is create a free "holding" level for specific cases like this, due to the way MM handles cancelled users (i.e. cancelled users access is completely restricted to the extent of not being able to login to their account).  

Eddie, that "free" membership level hook is the first feasible workaround I've heard on this subject since we started with MM a couple years back. We segregate our members by membership pretty intensely, so I think we will create multiple "free" membership levels for each downgrade. All our access is restricted by bundle, not membership level.

I second mailchimp automation.

If there can be a push notification when a membership has expired can there not be one that triggers when membership is less than 30 days from expiry?

I'm having this exact issue also - and am shocked that this functionality isn't built in as a) it seems so obvious a requirement and b) it was apparently requested years ago and Membermouse haven't acted upon it.

Does anyone have experience of the GETS plug-in mentioned above? 

I am pretty sure I am not knowledgeable enough to create custom scripts...

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