Integrating Member Mouse with MailChimp's Group Feature

I'm migrating my email provider over to Mailchimp.

Mailchimp has this feature called Groups. It allows me to have one list and separate them into groups which is what I've been wanting to do for a while now.

I have 3 membership levels.

1: Free members

2: Regular paid members

3: Pro paid members

What I need to know is how to get MM to add the members to the specific Group that it belongs to as they purchase and upgrade?

I know I can do it by creating multiple lists, but what I need to do is use Mailchimps Group feature to allow me to do what I need done which is have one newsletter and one autoresponder sequence for all membership levels.

Any help or suggestions on how to get this done would be greatly appreciated.


I have the same scenario happening with a client now. Anyone know how this could work?
I reeeeeeeeallly would like this feature as well. The Mailchimp Groups function and Membermouse Custom Fields are an obvious match, no? With 2-way sync. Then there would be endless possibilities for automation of email communications when people interact with our membership site.

At the moment I am having to update manually from membermouse to mailchimp, which wastes hours and means that things are never fully up to date.
Likewise, we really need group integration. There's a way with the API that you can detect a member already exists on your list and add them to a group. I need to be able to mail all my MemberMouse members from Mailchimp. Having a separate list to do that create some problems (and goes against Mailchimp best practices).
Still looking to get this done. Would love to get this feature working.

Anyone had any luck?
This is not a direct answer, but I gave up on this and moved to ActiveCampaign (amazing autoresponder with tons of automation features), which can tie in with MM's API via Fuzed:

Don't know why MM and ActiveCampaign don't actively promote this. I had been looking at Ontraport ($300/month), but with this combo I can do everything I need for about $60!
Yes, this is a really great feature and easy to integrate.
anyone figure this out yet?
Bump - I would love to have this feature, since it's a pretty important part of my communication strategy.
We really really really really would like to have access to this feature!!!
Did anyone ever figure this out?

This is an absolutely essential feature if you're going to use MailChimp effectively with MemberMouse.
Just so you know, this solution for active-campaign works for mailchimp as well. Takes a little while to get everything working, but it allows for any kind of parsing into any group or segment.
absolutely **** that they promise mm/mc integration, then get this far into the system for this functionality not to exist. properly ****!

2 years, and still no integration with groups in Mailchimp. I think it's crazy since Mailchimp is one of the most used email service online!

Any update please??

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