Integrating Member Mouse with MailChimp's Group Feature

I'm migrating my email provider over to Mailchimp.

Mailchimp has this feature called Groups. It allows me to have one list and separate them into groups which is what I've been wanting to do for a while now.

I have 3 membership levels.

1: Free members

2: Regular paid members

3: Pro paid members

What I need to know is how to get MM to add the members to the specific Group that it belongs to as they purchase and upgrade?

I know I can do it by creating multiple lists, but what I need to do is use Mailchimps Group feature to allow me to do what I need done which is have one newsletter and one autoresponder sequence for all membership levels.

Any help or suggestions on how to get this done would be greatly appreciated.


I see that some people have added votes and comments to this existing feature request:

That is the best way to communicate the importance of this integration to our development team. They actively monitor the feature request forum and prioritize enhancements to the plugin based on your feedback.

This general discussion post could be useful for finding workarounds, but just be sure to update the feature request if you want this to be a priority.


Well said Ed.

Everyone who still needs this implementation with Mailchimp, write a comment and vote on the link above.

Integrating mailchimp without groups make this email service almost useless, so we need to make the people in Membermouse realize this!


Looks like still no progress on this? What a shame

seriously? 5 years and this significant feature is still not addressed?? this is a HUGE issue for us. 

do these forums even work? i replied to this earlier, my comment is not here... 

this is crazy important.

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