Member Directory with MemberMouse

I'd like to use MemberMouse to publish a member directory within the WordPress site, with fields including business name, business phone number, website URL, email and address. Has anyone created a custom solution for this using MemberMouse, or is there a recommended plug in?
I've been building a similar directory using Toolset plugins It's expensive but incredibly powerful for building a custom solution without writing PHP. However if the fields you need are only those you list you may be able to accomplish this with something more basic, ie searching the Wordpress plugin directory for "custom fields."
Hello William, a good solution for a member directory would be using buddypress. Then adding extended profiles where you can add extra data for the fields you mentioned. Hope that helps! Zach
I've had great success with user profiles made easy. It's a premium plugin with great support.
Answer Ok, so waaaay late to the conversation....

I'm a developer but I haven't yet used:

I have used WP-SymposiumPro (
In fact I have migrated several large sites away from MM + bbPress / BuddyPress.

WSP integrates with MM perfectly - and is the best written Forum / Social Networking plugin I have ever come across ;)

They have a very good member directory feature.

One of the great things I like about this plugin is that every aspect of it can be turned On or Off individually, so if the only feature you want to use is the Member Directory, then everything else is left Off and your site isn't bloated unnecessarily.

WSP uses Custom Post Types to handle Forums and Individual Forum Posts/Threads. So every Forum and every Post in the Forum can be optionally Protected by MM.

WSP is extremely Powerful - I highly recommend it.

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