Upgrade to a specific member level and bundle with the same purchase?

We have 3 membership levels and then two bundles for private coaching that ideally would come with the upgrade to the highest level. How can a offer those two items (membership upgrade and bundle) in one transaction?
I am interested in knowing the solution for this scenario.
Answer Membership Levels and Bundles are completely customizable in terms of what content they protect. In your scenario if the membership level and bundle protect different groups of content and you want someone to be able to upgrade to get all the content associated with the membership level and bundle.

To do this, you just need to create a new membership level that either A) protects all of the content associated with the original membership level and bundle or B) associate the bundle with the new membership level thereby giving that membership level access to all the content the bundle has access to (see the Bundles section in this article for more details:

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