All content free for temporary promotion

I'm hoping to run a promotion this 4th of July where all of my free members, who typically only are able to access a few select videos on my site, will be able to temporarily (for the duration of the promotion) access all content.

Is there an easy (and easily reversible) way to grant all my members access to my highest tiered plan for this promotion?

I feel like bundles might be part of the answer but I'm new to MemberMouse and am still wrapping my head around it.


Answer I think, if you create a bundle that grants the same rights as your highest membership level, you can apply the bundle to the members, even set it to expire, and they will temporarily have that access. Don't associate the bundle with the membership level directly; this might cause it not be removable. Instead, apply it to the member's themselves. Might be a good idea to open a ticket to confirm this...

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