restricting content by custom post types

Has anyone had success using this plugin to restrict access to custom post types. I see we can go into and select access for each post in a post type separately but has anyone refined any mechanism to create a product based on custom post type?
I haven't seen how to do this but I am looking for this same functionality
That would be nice to know.

I use my custom post type to display my video course in a video grid lightbox with thumbnail images. This is part of my portfolio functionality so I hope a Dev can answer this!

Fingers crossed.
Answer Hi all

As of MMv 2.1.0, we have added the functionality to protect custom post types (more here

If the custom post type used the default WP functionality for categories, then you should also be able to protect entire categories as well

I do know that some themes create custom category types to go along with their custom post type. That would cause MM to not be able to detect the category, and thus not allow category level protection.

In a case like that, what you can do is use the MM WordPress Filters to apply the content protection directly to the php template for the custom post type.

If you have any other questions, just shoot us off a support ticket and we can help you out

What about securing a custom post type? That is, securing ALL posts of a custom post type, not on an ad hoc basis, but the entire CPT.
I put in a request for this feature. It's very untidy having to put your products in with pages and posts - because it's neither of those! I think that membermouse should create a custom post type upon installation - it could be called "products". And then we could protect content in that custom post type by category/tag/taxonomy. Please please please!!! It's absolutely crazy to have to do it one by one.

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