Seeking a booking/scheduling solution that works with MemberMouse

We have a membership site where each member gets two free hours of consulting per fiscal month, and can purchase more hours if they choose.

We are now seeking a scheduling/booking solution that has the capability to tie a back to MemberMouse and track hours booked per member -- allowing them to schedule consultations if they have "hours in the bank" and directing to a payment page if they've used up their allotment for the month. We're looking for booking software that will accommodate this, either directly or by exposing an API our developers can work with.

Our current payment processor is Braintree.

Do you have a suggestion?

I feel like many of us do have an office hours benefit to membership -- I'm having a hard time finding the right tool also!
I'm also really struggling with the same problem. We've tried Woobookings, Bookingbug, and loads of other less customisable ones inc. Bookfresh, Appointment-Plus, WPMUDEV's Appointments+, and others.

The problem is the complexity of individual scheduling requirements - and each does one thing better than another. But not many seem to integrate properly with Wordpress. Woobookings is the nearest we've come, but there seem to be some issues with defining complex schedules. The search goes on...
Answer I'm not sure if either of these will help, but these are the 2 Booking plugins for WP that I recommend the most:


This one can be quite expensive (I think I've spent about $500 on it) but it is the most flexible one I have ever found. The author is not US based and support can "take awhile" sometimes, but in the end I've always gotten the info/help I needed.


This one I personally haven't tried yet, but I am about to buy it. Not sure if it has an API though.

I'm one of the recommended Developers that works with MM. So just connect with me at if you need more help - ask for Steve ;)
I think this is going to be something you will have to pay a developer to create. I would love to find a solution to this problem as I also offer consulting within my membership site.

Another thing I do is Live Google Hangouts for members.

I have found that Ajax's Event Calendar works pretty well for having a calendar that functions nicely within the membership area. When a member clicks the event from the calendar view it will popup the event in a lightbox giving an overview of the event and a button to open up a new window to direct members to the event.

I also believe you can set it up to allow members to post events or consulting. I have tried a lot of calendars and this one seems to be simple to use and somewhat flexible. It's by far the nicest looking and functions wonderfully on both the front-end and back-end.

Hope this helps.
I have this exact same need for our business. Also processing with Braintree. -lori
I'm also quite interested in a feature like this. Anyone else have any ideas for how to make this happen?
You could try embedding a form from SignUpGenius onto a page in your site... But not sure how it would make it through the member gate.

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