Genesis StudioPress More Tag

Looking for feedback from other MM clients who may be using StudioPress Genesis framework themes.

In our website posts, we use the More tag to create the excerpt. Works great for internal /category pages that are protected.

For some reason though, MM does not recognize the Tag and directs the user to the MM Error page. Contacted support and they believe there is some internal conflict with the Theme or a plugin perhaps and MM protection. No real way to fix it or diagnose a root cause at this time.

As an alternative, we build SmartTag sections using the Access Decision rules, and create a section for non-members and a section at the bottom for members. Works, however, we have to duplicate the content at the top of each post for both sets of people to see. Would be much more efficient if it worked as intended with the More tag.

Just curious if any other folks are using StudioPress themes, in this case the Centric Child Theme on the Genesis framework, and have the More tag properly creating excerpts and not sending people to the Error page ?

Thanks for sharing.
Roy, I'm running Centric Pro on Genesis. You might be describing the issues I am having.

Would you be willing to post an example of the tags used in one of your posts? When I try using Access Decision tags, things just go straight to the error page.

Let us know if you see any any changes in how the StudioPress themes handle <more> tags. The <more> tag works as expected in most environments and I would be curious to know if updates to StudioPress have resolved this.

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