A little confused about bundles (maybe knowledge base update?)

I'm a little confused on bundles. I just signed up and I'm playing around getting how I want my site to work.

I am using bundles to eventually give access to certain programs to paid members.

Here are the questions:

1. I set up a bundle for a program of mine. I'm setting it free and in the set up box, there's an option for "default membership"... the blue info icon doesn't work... what does this option mean?

2. I plan on using this knowledge base result


To let members access the bundle.

Can only member's access bundles? Or can the public stumble upon them as well?

Answer Kindal,

A bundle can be applied to a free membership level or a paid membership level. If you're giving away a bundle for free, it still needs to be attached to a membership level, so in many cases you'll be giving someone a free membership (along with th bundle) by using the "default membership" which is initially configured as free.
Hi Dan, Thanks. So if I'm giving a free bundle to a paid member, and the free bundle is set to default... then the paid member will automatically get the "free membership" with the free bundle. Right?

All in all that won't affect anything because they will have their current membership and the bundle rights applied to their account. Correct?
I have two products, each with different membership levels.
I want to offer both products at cheaper price when bought together (bundle them).
How can I do this?

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