MemberMouse Magnificence


I'm about 3 days new to MemberMouse and I'm thoroughly loving it. I've tried at least 6 other WP membership plugins over the last 4 years and this is hands down the best so far for meeting my requirements.

I love how well thought out the interface is. It's almost like you spent years talking to actual customers, and then designed MM around that instead of just mimicking what the competitors were doing.

Super Kudos to you

Answer Thanks Elan! It is funny you mention our process for developing MemberMouse, because you actually did hit it right on the head. Our core team spent quite a few years actually running membership driven websites, so we know very well the pain points that might be unique to a site driven by memberships.

We took that experience, as well as general experience with the Wordpress platform, and MemberMouse was born.

But what you see today is product of continual evolution. It is as important as ever to us that we have an open line of communication with our customers, to understand what their needs are. That is the driving reason for us creating this User Community.

Appreciate you being a customer, and hope you continue to have great success

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