How is everyone doing file protection?

I'd like to protect my pdf documents in Membermouse. What are some ways this can currently be done?
You could use the S3MediaVault plugin from Ravi and Veena (the developers of DAP).

It only allows folks to download files from the pages you specify.

And if your download page is already on a protected member page, then this adds a second layer of protection.

I found this to be very effective. You can use MM functions in the php file to determine who has access to the file after signing in.
I use a plugin called S3FlowShield. It works in conjunction with Amazon S3, effectively timing out a file link after a designated number of seconds. So, people who have access to the membership page will be able to download the content, but if they share the link to the file with a non-member, the link won't work.

I'm using S3Bubble for audio and video files.  I think it is using expiring S3 links if I enable downloads.

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